What They Owe You

Has your village received its fair share? You can check whether your community has received the funds due to it by simply selecting your location below.

Royalties Owed

¢ 2,978,206.21

Royalties Paid

¢ 3,155,530.55

Over Paid

¢ 177,324.34

Your royalties were used for:



Schools or Universities built



Clinics or Hospitals built



Water or Sewerage schemes built



Roads or Bridges built


Your Stories:

Abeeku Kodwo

Central Ghana

They also presented a workshop on launching small businesses, sharing methods of making candles using recycled materials such as church candles, milk cartons and leftover fat from butcher shops.

Mining company destroys wetlands

Boahinmaa Dofi

Ashanti, Ghana

Las Lomas and other communities that pursued partnerships with local, state and federal agencies are viewed as models of progress. But living conditions in other colonies still resemble those in third-world countries; the state doesn’t want more of those developments.

Our resurfaced street

How have mining royalties changed your neighbourhood?

What The Numbers Tell Us:

Who Gets What

>150k 125k-150k 100k-125k 50k-100k 25k-50k <25k

Who Lives There


Total Population


Area (in sq. km)


Which Companies Are Active Here:

  • Anglogold Ashanti
  • Ashanti Goldfields
  • Ekpeme Mining & Trading
  • Sirius Mining Co Ltd
  • Akrokeri-Ashanti Gold Mines
  • Help Us Get It Right

    All the numbers above are based on official records. But, records are not always right. Sometimes errors slip into the official record, both by mistake and deliberate distortion. Data shapes government policy and company actions, so 'dirty data' can harm our communities. The new age of 'open data' and transparent governance means that us ordinary citizens can now help ensure that errors are corrected. So, if you have evidence that any of the above numbers are wrong, please help us fix them.

    You can find the dataset that we used here.

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    Want to use the raw data to check the facts, or build your own projects? Where My Money Dey? is built with data that we pulled together from various government and corporate sources. Some of this data had to be 'liberated' from paper documents which we had to digitise, or from static PDFs which we had to turn into machine readable data. Everything has been uploaded onto the openAFRICA.org repository. You're welcome to re-use all of this information, in any way you please and without any cost, as long as you acknowledge where you got the data from.

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